Tuesday, June 13, 2006

New arrivals - a whole flock of them!

Any strange little twitterings that I happen to hear I generally assume are coming from the deep, dark recesses of my damaged little mind. But on Saturday I realized that the tiny noises I was hearing weren't actually coming from me. Instead, they were coming from Steve and Lady's little love nest.

Is it ridiculous that the deep blue funk I was in faded almost completely when I heard the tiny chirpring sounds coming from inside the birdhouse as I weeded the angel garden?

I excitedly called up To My Beloved and threw my arms up in the air in a ridiculous display of joy as I told him that Steve and Lady were the proud parents of...of a bunch of tiny chirping sounds.

We have yet to see evidence of the hatchlings, but I can tell by the almost constant chorus of impossibly tiny little warbles that there is indeed a flock of wee ones inside the birdhouse.

I've been viciously protective ever since. Yesterday I chased away a starling who was dangerously close to poking his beak in where it didn't belong, and this afternoon I kept a close eye on two little sparrows who appeared to be searching for real estate. They flew off on their own after peeking into the full house, but I was *this* close to rushing out in a flurry of panicked lady - arms flailing, hands clapping.

I don't know if the birds actually need someone to run this kind of interference or not - they seem startlingly oblivious to the interlopers - but I'll keep on doing it just the same because I feel responsible for this little family of birds who have given me so much joy these past few months. I'm so thankful they're part of my little backyard world and it's the least I can do to repay them for taking up residence.

My only concern is that when they all fly away (and fly away they will some day) I'll collapse in a fit of panic a la Tony Soprano, first season. You know, the thing with the ducks?

I wonder if I can coerce the sparrows into coming back when Steve, Lady and the kids finally fly the coop.

Do they make miniature for rent signs?


Laura said...

Awww :) Congrats, Steve and Lady!

Catherine said...

The crazy bird lady. lol You are too cute.

Nina said...

I will take your little birdies as a good fertility sign! As you know, we had birdies, too and I hope that was/is a sign for me, too! Congrats to the proud bird parents and to their guardian angel (you)!

Sherry said...

I think it's a good sign - and it's normal to be protective of the feathered family. I do the same thing when I know a new brood has arrived!

Obviously, Steve and Lady like the accommodations, so I can almost guarantee that they'll be back for their next breeding.

We have a pair of chickadees who have returned to our birdhouse for three years now. I still get giddy when I see them re-building their nest, knowing that new babies are on the way.

Nikki said...

Awww that is so sweet I love new baby birds and yay to Steve and Lady ;) Im sure they will come back to your wonderful home and take up residence again :) You'll have to get some pics of the brood. We just had birds hatch in our tree a couple of weeks ago it so wonderful to see and a wonderful sign ;)