Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Recently overheard

What follows is the tail end of a very grown-up discussion about reproductive health, adoption and fertility:

My Beloved: Do you think maybe we could just do what Barney and Betty did?
Me: I dunno. What did they do?
My Beloved: One night they wished upon a star and the next morning Bam-Bam just showed up.
Me: Yes. Yes that would be good. Let's do that.
My Beloved: Or we could move to Kansas and buy a farm, and then maybe a super-strong boy from another plant would crash land in our field and we could just take him home.
Me: Another good plan, yes. Okay then.

So we're just going to sit around and hope for a nice, neat, happy cartoon and/or comic book ending to our tale of loss and secondary infertility, if you don't mind.

'Cause so far real life just ain't cuttin' it for us.


Laura said...

I wish so much for you and your beloved to have a happy ending--the real way, not the cartoon way. Although, wouldn't it be handy to have a super-strong boy around? Not so much Bam-Bam. He'd just be messy and loud, I'd think.

Erin said...

If it were only that easy!

miraclebaby said...

I wish!!!

Catherine said...

heeheehee...you crack me up. Very adult.

Nikki said...

I wish a happy ending for you both and hope that happy ending comes soon!!!