Saturday, January 21, 2006

Do I need a passport?

Ah hormones.

There's nothing quite like 'em to push an otherwise relatively normal and mostly sane woman directly over the border into crazytown.

I mean, it can't be normal to want to shove an empty yogurt cup up your husband's bum because he left it on the kitchen table overnight instead of walking the extra three feet to the garbage can to throw it out himself, can it?

I think I know the answer.

And I think I should just quickly and quietly slip into bed and sleep it off.

PMS only lasts a few days, thank God.


Jill said...

Reasonable? Probably not. Normal? Absolutely!!

Abby said...

You know what beats hormones into submission? CHOCOLATE!

So have some and be sure to leave the wrappers somewhere where your dear husband will have to pick them up. I'm thinking under the covers on his side of the bed... ;)

Bronwyn said...

Abby's got the right idea (chocolate is *always* the right idea!)... Take your revenge while you can still blame it on hormones!

Ben Heller said...

ouch !!!!!

That must have stung poor hubby.

Especially if it had been Rhubarb.

As Abby says, I think Chocolate wouldn't hurt on this occasion.