Friday, January 27, 2006

I just wanted some shelves

I went out to get some shelves and came home with a fire extinguisher instead.

Ain't that life in a nutshell.

We needed both, but the shelving unit was what I actually set out to get. I was hoping to put it at the top of the basement stairs in an effort to stop the avalanche of crap that seems to collect there, threatening the stairs and all who use them. Right now you can find Lucy's cat carrier (which has yet to make its way back to the basement after her vet visit), some old sheets (which have yet to make their way onto the Christmas tree I took down to the basement three weeks ago), two rolls of paper towel, a basket full of magazines, a TV tray, a small tool box, and assorted cleaners for the powder room (because there's no shelving in their either). All sitting at the top of the stairs.

The only thing challenging the ginormous pile of crap's existence is the colony of dust bunnies cowering beneath it.

So I need shelves (and I need to vacuum too), but the fire extinguisher seemed like a good idea when there were no shelves to be had. I just had to leave with something.

What's that song? You can't always get what you want, but you find sometimes you get what you need. I can't stack all the crap at the top of the stairs on the fire extinguisher and that kind of sucks. But it would suck a whole lot more trying to put out a fire with shelves.

So I guess things worked out the way they should have today.

I have to say though, I'm really hoping that one day things will go exactly as I plan. A whole day of things going my way - what a novelty that would be. I know I'm at risk of slipping back into full wallowing mode, but I'm getting a wee bit weary of trying to find the good in the way things end up turning out, always to my surprise.

I just wanted some damn shelves.

Fine. If we have a fire before I find shelves that fit the back stairs I'll be grateful for today's twist of fate, but right now all I can think of is the pile of crap and the need for shelves.

Hmmm. This better not mean we're actually going to have a fire.


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