Wednesday, April 12, 2006

And still they grow

So the seedlings and I enjoyed a quiet morning together watching TV while I transplanted them to their little pots. I probably watched the TV a little more closely than they did, but I'm sure I saw the tomatoes perk up a bit when the gardening show turned its focus to their delectable brethren.

Playing in the dirt, as I've said before, is remarkably healing. As soon as I slit open the bag of potting soil I felt my body relax. The humid, earthy scent was like a magic elixir, instantly triggering memories of simpler times - like watching my Mom plant seedlings and nurture her little crops of Impatiens through the late spring in preparation for colourful summer gardens.

There is so much promise in a tiny seedling and it seems so miraculous to me that I should be able to play a part in making something so beautiful. The whole process seems so much bigger than it used to for some reason.

I'm not sure why. I mean, I made a child so growing a seed shouldn't really seem all that awe inspiring - but yet it is.

I'm just flummoxed by life in general, I suppose. By its promise, its resilience and its beautiful fragility.

Today was most definitely a good day for playing in the dirt. I needed to feel a part of the process today. I needed it very, very much.


Nikki said...

The seedlings are coming along great and growing wonderfully, Im so glad you can find comfort in growing your garden and that it continues to be of great healing power to you!!! I cant wait to see the end result ;)

Laura said...

I have plant envy :)

kate said...

They look excellent!