Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Now? Maybe now? How 'bout now?

A few weeks ago I decided to start entering online contests to see what might happen. There's an amazing number of contests out there with prizes ranging from lipstick to $25,000 kitchen makeovers.

I would love to slick on a lovely shade of free gloss while standing in a $25,000 kitchen.

I mean really, who wouldn't? It free stuff. Free stuff makes me giddy. It's nearly as good as chocolate, is free stuff. I nearly peed myself when I found a contest for a year's worth of chocolate and a trip to P.E.I. to visit the chocolate factory.

Willy Wonka jokes aside, that's one hell of a prize, eh?

So I've been entering like a mad woman. Granted, I've kind of tapered off in the last week or so (it takes awhile to search for and enter contests, especially when you're trying to track the ones you've entered so it's all neat and official looking. You know, so you can defend the shocking amount of the time you've spent on your ass in front of the computer) but at last count I was, I believe, at over 300 entries.

That's not 300 individual contests, you understand. That's just 300 entries. Some contests allow you to enter daily, others as many times as you want. So I do have some multiples in the bunch.

But regardless, that's a lot of contests if I do say so myself.

And I have nothing to show for it. Not one single crappy tube of lipstick. I know, I know, I only started a few weeks ago and at least 3/4 of the contests I've entered aren't even over yet, but I'm instant gratification girl and I reeeeeeeally want to win something.

I'm certain my huge sense of entitlement has everything to do with my desire to win right now. It's a side effect of being in mourning after a horrible tragedy.

The world owes me and I'm waiting for it to deliver. Pronto.

The other reason winning soon would be nice? I'm starting to look like a lunatic, pressing my face to the window every time I hear the rumble of what I think might be a delivery truck...

Seriously world...soon?

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Teresa said...

I'm always entering contests and have won diddly-squat every time. Although I seem to like diddly squat, I think I'm stocked up in that department!