Thursday, April 13, 2006

Good one, world

So I write a post all about desperately wanting to win something - anything - and the world listens, snickers, and sends me The Simple Life, season III.


I'm excited about winning, true, but I entered an awful lot of contests for an awful lot of things I wanted. This wasn't one of them.

For the record, I don't know why I entered a contest to win something I didn't want. My only excuse is that my ballot went in during those early, heady days of contesting back in March. I was entering to win anything and everything in sight - simply because I could.

I gave little thought to what I'd do with the beer can dispensing machine, for example. Or the Harley. Or the vibrating leather recliner with speakers in the headrest. But I entered to win them just the same.

In retrospect I suppose I should be thankful that all I won was a DVD set.

This little win has given me the motivation to keep on contesting, but I am resolved to be a wee bit more selective from now on.

In the meantime, The Simple Life DVDs are up for grabs.

Any takers?


delphi said...

Wow, The Simple Life III !! How did you get so lucky??
I only wish that I had that kind of luck!!

Do you ever get sucked into one of those office gift-giving holiday extravaganzas? Perhaps this DVD set should go directly to the office cad, who would use it for it actual drool-covered purpose....

Abby said...

Um, no thanks. But hey, CONGRATULATIONS, you won something! Even if it was a crappy DVD... ;)

kate said...

Delphi's got a point...there is always someone on the gift-list for whom you just can't figure out the right thing to get...

Congrats on your win though! hee hee hee

Nikki said...

LOL sorry I wont jump on it but Im happy to hear you won something I tried the whole contest things and never win I havent even won on roll up the rim lol. Anyhow I agree with PP there will be someone with whom you can pass on this "hot" treasure ;)

Denise said...

LMAO!!! Somehow you don't strike me as the "Simple Life" watching type of person...maybe you could give it to someone as an anti-RAK...tee-hee!

Sonny Shine said...

The Simple Life, isn't that the show with Paris whatshername? I think I have only seen one episode in entirety. But I too love to enter contests, that's how I won this newer computer that I have that is already four years out of date by now. Happy Easter by the way!

Shinny said...

You have to start somewhere with the winning. Sorry that is the first prize you received though, ick. ;)

You can learn some really stupid phrases though if you watch it. And let me clarify, I got that informatio simply from seeing the commercials for that silly show or when my 12 year old happened to stop changing the channels on that one when it was on. Thankfully, it isn't anymore as far as I know.

Congratulations on winning and maybe the Harley is next. You can always sell it and get some cash.

Bronwyn said...

Put it on eBay and see some monetary gain from all of the contest-entering!

Shannon (shan977) said...

LMAO! I was going to suggest putting it on ebay also!
Congratulations on winning something, even if it was something your heart doesn't desire!LMAO

Aidan's Mom said...

Can I still be your friend if I like the Simple Life? I hope you win some better things....One (healthy) thing in particular!) I pray for you and think of you so often.
Take care and HUGS!!!!