Thursday, January 03, 2008

Free to good home!

In the spirit of de-cluttering and in keeping with the theme of food, I have available to the first commenter who wants it a FREE (albeit used) copy of Paula Deen's memoir, "It Ain't All About the Cookin.'"

A very sweet friend sent it to me as a surprise treat one day when I really needed a surprise treat. After I read it I lent it to my Mom, so it's made its rounds in my circle and I think I should release it to the wider world now.

A literary pay-it-forward, if you will.

So if you want it (and you're quick enough) it's yours. Leave me your e-mail address in your comment and we'll work out the logistics that way.

Ah, food.


Renae said...

YES!!!! For the first time, I'm the first to comment! And I SO want to read this book! Yeah!!!!

E-mail -

Oh- and if you're up for it, I could send you PS I Love You, or another book I've recently finished.

Sunny said...

You are too cute!