Monday, January 21, 2008

Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home

I sustained a Wii-related shoulder injury on the weekend.

You know you're either in very bad shape or very old when you hurt yourself playing imaginary bowling.

While explaining the intricacies of the set-up and play of the game, my brother-in-law (a much younger and injury-free man who owns the Wii), told My Beloved and I that you can "make people". By this he meant that you can make little cartoon caricatures of yourself to represent you on screen while you're playing.

But of course I took the opportunity to make a morbid joke of it all.

"You can make people with Wii? So THAT's The problem! We've been going about this all the wrong way. We just needed a Wii!"

There's nothing like a room full of nervous laughter and averted eyes to confirm the bombing of an ill-fated joke.

But I still think it was funny.

My therapist wonders if maybe I use humour to avoid dealing with some of my pain. I like her and all, and so far the sessions have helped quite a bit, but she's going to have to dig a little deeper than this, I think.

Because really, it doesn't get more obvious that that.

Of course I do.

Now getting me stop, there's the challenge.


Catherine said...

My therapist wonders if maybe I use humour to avoid dealing with some of my pain.

See, I think of it as a way to deal...not a way to avoid dealing. But I do think that only people who have "been there" will understand it.

Megan said...

It IS a way to deal. I know my husband and I wouldn't have survived losing our baby without shared black humour.
And I do think it's funny - although I once quipped (to an obnoxious acquaintance who was complaining about staying up all night with her newborn) that dead babies are very easy to care for.

delphi said...

Ooo, I agree with Catherine's interpretation (as I usually do :) ).

I actually do think it is a sort of funny comment.

Sorry about the injury. My husband would say that this is one more reason that it is GOOD that he has a PS3 strapped to his hands in all spare moments.

Margaret said...

(((Hugs))) I agree, humor is a way to deal, rather than avoid dealing. I do the same thing.

I hope that your injury heals quickly. I've hurt myself on the wii too;-)

Julia said...

well, I think it's funny. So there.
Sorry about the injury. Hope it fixes itself post haste.

About the humor-- I think it can be both a way to deal and a way to avoid dealing. If stopping is a problem on occasion, than yes, those times it's an avoidance. The times you know if you weren't making a funny you could be having a serious conversation, a hard one, but a real one, the one where you might cry, but you won't regret that cry later. Yeah, those times. But a lot of the times it is the way to face the world and not fall apart.