Friday, January 11, 2008

Rock on

Sooooo, it's Friday night. We're grown ups. We have a car. We have an entertainment budget. We have money in the entertainment budget. We don't need to find a babysitter (sigh). We don't have to get up in the morning. We don't have any family obligations - or, really, any obligations at all.

So what, you might be wondering, did we do with ourselves (although clearly not for very long because It's 9:31pm and we're back home already)?

We went to Bulk Barn and spent $1.36 on some wheat bran and brown rice.

We browsed through a couple of other stores first (a Benix outlet and some sort of "urban chic" furniture and accessory store filled with overpriced urban chic crap that 20-something urban chic-sters covet but can't afford), but settled on Bulk Barn as a repository for our Friday night entertainment money.

As we were pulling out of the parking lot, chuckling at our ancient selves, I commented that it may have been the most boring Friday night itinerary ever, but when you're doing it with the right person, it's somehow fun. And undeniably cozy.

The right person makes everything right.

You hear people ask, "how do you know you've found the one?" And now I know the answer. When a Friday night trip to Bulk Barn is fun, that's how you know you have a keeper.


Erin said...

I can mental picture it... really, because I go to the new outlet strip myself.

Monica said...

Yep! It always seems like when we spend tons o' money for a "real date" it sucks, but we have fun doing the most mundane stuff.

Jennifer said...

I said something very similar to my significant other last weekend when we laid on the couch on Friday night watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding. To me laying there together laughing at a movie was so much fun because we were together. So glad you have your beloved and he has you!

Katie said...

We don't have a Bulk Barn here, but my husband and I often find outselves in a Target or Fred Meyer on Friday nights. It's love.

Bon said...

really, i find wheat bran with almost anyone pretty exciting...but you're right, with the right person it does make for a fine Friday evening. ;)

glad you had fun.

JMB said...

Maybe it is age, or just something else. The last time that Husband and I had a kid-free couple of hours, we went to Home Depot. For drywall. It was by far the most relaxing and good time we've had together in a while. I think that there can be too much pressure on a "date night." No pressure at Bulk Barn, and you can just be.

jogger blogger said...

Is this why your Beloved "called in sick" crazy kids...partying at the bulk barn.