Friday, December 16, 2005

Because of Thomas

Today we received notice that two more donations had been made in Thomas' name. One was to the Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation and the other to World Vision (the proceeds of which went towards care packs for needy children).

I can't quite explain how I feel when I open those notices. I guess with everything that's gone on in the world over the last few years I've slowly lost faith in mankind - in its ability to demonstrate selflessness and love. War, gang violence, dirty politics, terrorism - all that will really make you question the human capacity for goodness.

But there is so much goodness in my little world, and I'm truly blessed that Thomas has helped me see that in a way I never would have had he not come and gone. I'm in awe of the people - most of them people I've only met online - who have opened their hearts and taken me in without hesitation. They have befriended me, prayed for me, celebrated my small victories and mourned my greatest loss. And so many have donated to worthy causes in my beautiful son's name.

It takes my breath away. It makes me so proud of Thomas to think that in just 20 hours he has been able to inspire people the way he has - including me. Without question, I am a better person for having had my son. I didn't realize someone so small, who came and went so fast, could teach me so much.

It also humbles me to think that I've been lucky enough to somehow, with all the millions of people online, connect with people I genuinely hope I will stay friends with for the rest of my life.

All because of Thomas.

I would still give my left arm to be sitting here, on this snowy Friday night a week before Christmas, rocking my sweet baby boy to sleep. But even though he's not here, I still feel his presence and see the impact he is making on the world.

And for that I am truly blessed and eternally grateful.

I love you, little one.

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sillyhummingbird said...

What a beautiful gift he has given everyone---and his gifts will continue to surface. What a special little boy.