Sunday, December 18, 2005

My week-before-Christmas plan for the bereaved

As I was making dinner tonight I thought how nice it would be for us to have whatever we wanted for dinner this week - the week before Christmas. I thought it might be nice to treat ourselves to our favourite meals, no matter how rich, fattening or expensive.

I think we're owed that at least, given what we know is coming...

But then I thought, "Why stop at food?"

So my plan for this week is for My Beloved and I to do whatever we want, whenever possible. Obviously we both have responsibilities we can't shirk, but in our off hours we can spoil ourselves silly. And that's the plan.

I don't have anything lavish in mind, just indulging ourselves in simple pleasures like our favourite food and movies - and whatever else happens to tickle our fancies.

I'm thinking buttered popcorn and cozy movies, bubble baths and trashy magazines, spaghetti and meatballs, getting into our PJs at 6:00pm, not shoveling the snow, re-reading favourite books, giving each other back rubs - that kind of thing.

I kind of think of it as fortifying ourselves for the coming holiday celebrations, but I also think of it as our way of celebrating Christmas. It's different, but that was always my plan for this year anyway. So why not?

Let the games begin!


the ockers said...

What a lovely idea to treat yourself and your DH with nice and special things during this xmassy week. I agree, you're owed that at least!!! You go for it and have a good time!!! and have a cocktail/eggnog toast to all of us while you're at it. Cheers and bottoms up.

Catherine said...

That sounds great. Well...maybe not "great" given that it's in preparation for a Christmas without your Thomas...but "great" as in "great, considering the circumstances." I think I will join this indulgence movement as much as I can, though I will pass on the food part of it. It seems the grief diet worked in reverse for me this year and I'm busting out of most of my clothes with the fat. blech Of course, that IS a good excuse to join a gym and work on a New Year's Resolution, right? I hope you enjoy yourself and that the holiday isn't too difficult for you. I will be thinking of you and your husband and your Thomas.

deadbabymama said...

Good for you! I support all of these activities except not shoveling, think of the poor Postie who'll be trying to deliver your mail! Otherwise go for it, indulge and pamper and be extra-kind to yourselves and each other. Have a couple of drinks on my behalf, and I'll raise a glass of milk to you and your Beloved.

Julie said...

Sounds like a very good plan to me. Hope you can manage to enjoy each other's company and find some happiness in all of the sadness. (((hugs)))