Thursday, December 29, 2005

You got me good

We got Thomas' birth certificate in the mail today. Well, actually it was couriered to us (as an official document it got special treatment).

We were both quite excited since it's not everyday that I get letters couriered to me. We both figured, stupidly, that I'd won some fantabulous prize. I was thinking hundreds of thousands of dollars, of course, since the notice came the way it did.

My Beloved hovered over me while I excitedly ripped open the envelope - and found Thomas' birth certificate inside instead.

Kind of a cruel trick for a rainy Thursday four days after Christmas.

I think my favourite part was the large black type at the top that said DEATH CERTIFICATE ON FILE just so we wouldn't miss it.

See? What did I tell you about those sneaky little gods and their nasty little tricks.

Uncle! Uncle! I give up.


Denise said...

(((hugs))) - you didn't need that today.

Maya's Mom said...

Oy. Just when you think you are moving forward, a great big WHACK! back again. :*(

I'm sorry this happened. It would hurt govt. officials to be a little less cold-hearted, and a little more sensitive when sending such things.


Maya's Mom said...

Sorry, that should be "wouldn't" hurt...

Sherry said...

((((HUGS)))) God, I can't believe that THAT had to be emblazoned on his birth certificate. No discretion on their part? Again (((HUGS)))