Sunday, August 07, 2005

Did you know?

Did you know I drank a half a bottle of raspberry wine at dinner?

Did you know it was deliciously decadent and long overdue?

Did you know our neighbors (behind us) invited us to their street party but we just lay on the couch all night instead?

Did you know I wouldn't have minded making a brief appearance at the party but after the half bottle of wine I was also perfectly content to lay on the couch all evening?

Did you know the neighbour's wife is expecting her second baby next month?

Did you know she's been avoiding us like the plague and it would have been awkward seeing her tonight?

Did you know we haven't talked to her and have actually barely even SEEN her since Thomas died?

Did you know I'm not sure I would have had the mental energy to deal with her feeling weird and to do all the reassuring I would have had to do?

Did you know I'm low on mental energy?

Did you know she was pregnant with her first when I miscarried MY first and she was convinced that I thought she somehow had something to do with it?

Did you know I still can't figure that one out, but that's how I knew she'd need a lot of reassuring if we saw her tonight?

Did you know this afternoon I was watching (or spying on, depending on how you view it) our other neighbours who had a baby a month ago?

Did you know I was just watching them happily go about their Saturday business?

Did you know every time I see them (with or without the baby) I wonder what it's like to be them?

Did you know I wonder a lot about what it's like to have a baby and to be able to bring it home?

Did you know I've also seen both of them naked?

Did you know I don't think they understand that when it's dark out and your lights are on people can actually see right into your house if you haven't put your curtains up?

Did you know I think it's hilarious that I've seen them both naked but my beloved has forbidden me to tell any of the other neighbours?

Did you know my beloved flooded the toilet in my birthing suite at the hospital?

Did you know it was in the middle of the night, post-epidural, and I was trying to sleep?

Did you know he stood there watching water and poo tumble out of the toilet all the while trying desperately to think of a way to pin it on me?

Did you know at that point I was hooked up to an IV, had a catheter in and could barely move my legs because they were so numb from the epidural and it would have been physically impossible for me to even GET to the bathroom?

Did you know they had to move us to a new room because he'd fouled up the old one?

Did you know it was actually a much bigger and better room and I was kind of glad?

Did you know now I thank God he flooded the toilet because at least we can look back and have something to laugh at?

Did you know it's kind of weird to have a flooded toilet be the thing that makes you smile when you think back to the day you gave birth?

Did you know life IS weird?

Did you know, R & K, this post's for you?


JPAKAJR said...

DYK that I think we all should come over here and highjack your blog?
DYK that way you can still have your DYK's and not got through withdraw?
DYK if you do not mind I will come over here and remind you how much we miss you on the UDYK thread?

Abby said...

DYK that even though I'm not a mom yet, I'm always lurking over on the TTC Grads board?

DYK that I feel weird about doing it, but I do it anyway, just to read your posts and check up on you?

DYK that I think it's hilarious that you've seen your neighbors naked, and if we had any neighbors close by, I'm sure they would have seen Jake naked by now because he doesn't seem to understand/care about the dark outside/light inside rule?

DYK that I'm you're always on my mind, and if you ever need anything, I'm always just an email, chat or phone call away?

DYK that I hope the virtual chocolate I sent you yesterday helped a little?

And that it all really is waiting here for you if you ever decide to come to Oklahoma?

DYK that I'm sending you tons of H&S, and I hope you're having a happy Sunday, sleeping off your bottle of wine last night?


=^..^=A Script Kitty=^..^= said...

DYK I love that you're a peeping Tom!!?? ROFL
DYK the UDYK isn't the same w/o you?
DYK we all miss you?
DYK I'm glad you had a nice bottle of wine?
DYK I'm glad your Dad went w/you?
DYK I found my first blasted gray hair on Friday? AGH!
DYK I want to nab that girls purple purse and shout through church that I've got the golden ticket, throw it to you and say, "Run! RUN .. it's all yours!!"? Muah ha ha!
DYK I hope you have a nice Sunday?

Jennifer said...

DYK I love reading your blog

DYK I miss you in the UDYK

DYK I hope taking a break from the boards helps you b/c I know you miss it and we miss you

DYK I hope you don't mind us coming here and posting to you

JPAKAJR said...

DYK I am happy that you posted to us?
DYK I hope that you have a wonderful Monday?
DYK I can't help but come over here and read your inspiring words?
DYK I wish that I could compare to the way you can express your thoughts in writting?
DYK you must keep us posted on how YOU are?
DYK TTFN and I will be back later?

Nina said...

DYK I just wanted to give you a hug and tell you I am thinking about you!

DYK you have inspired me to start my own blog at this site and did so almost 1 week ago?

DYK I am too scared to have people read it because I think it is boring?

DYK we miss you too and understand the things we all need to do to get by.