Saturday, August 06, 2005


My beloved just pulled an origami vagina out of his wallet to show me. He made it by accident while he was standing talking to a co-worker yesterday (a male one, thank goodness). He didn't realize it until he took a good look at it, so evidently he's an idiot savant whose talent is creating female genitalia sculptures out of paper.

He saved it to show me. He said "you keep that". For what purpose I don't know, except that every time I look at it I laugh.

Oh, maybe that's why.

Clever boy.

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=^..^=A Script Kitty=^..^= said...

You & your beloved are hystercial!! DYK that DF would call that a "mangina"? ROFL
See girl! If you can go to the board, the board will come to you! You do know that the whole board stalks your blog, right? LOL!!
Love you!