Monday, August 29, 2005

Unsettling dreams and a big, long list

For two nights in a row now I've had unsettling dreams. I don't remember them, but I know they're still in there, lurking in the back of my head like thieves in the night waiting to steal my fragile peace.

Stupid dreams.

As a result, today I kind of feel unsettled. I'm sort of at loose ends - not sure what to do with myself. There's lots to BE done, I just don't know where to begin.

For instance:

- finish the laundry
- plan the week's meals
- go grocery shopping
- drink wine (since AF arrived this morning)
- empty and re-load the dishwaher
- make the bed
- return Mom and Dad's step ladder (shoot, we should have done this last night!)
- clean the basement
- finishing cleaning and sorting out the spare room
- organize the garage sale OR find a charity to take all our bits and pieces
- weed the front garden
- buy fall mums for the back deck and replace dead herbs
- Plant the shrub Auntie Margo gave us

Ugh. Yes, there's lots to do, that's for sure. In fact I need to add subcategories to some of these. But I won't. The items that need their own subcategories aren't going to get done today anyway so there's just no point.

Maybe I'll just start with making the bed and go from there.

I'll be back later with an update...


Nina said...

I am sorry AF showed for you today....
And my mom always told me to make a list...then cut it in half...and then cut it in half again....that is realistically what you can expect to accomplish...

rachel said...

DYK I recommend picking five of the easiest tasks, doing them, then treating yourself to a glass of wine on the deck among the new mums?

DYK here is the list as I would present it as your personal assistant:

1) Make Bed
2) Empty and re-load dishwasher
3) Finish laundry
4) Buy mums
5) Drink wine WHILE planning meals for the week on deck.

That is what I would do. Not that you asked. ;o)

DYK I am sorry AF arrived?