Monday, August 22, 2005

A quick note and a thank you...

I just want to thank everyone who has ever made a comment here (with the exception of the spammers, of course) and I want you all to know that I read and cherish every single one. I'm constantly in awe of the support I have gotten and continue to get, and you need to know how much it means to me and how thankful I am. If I lived a thousand years I couldn't thank my family and friends enough for all their support and prayers.

I also wanted you to know that my beloved is coming with me to the cemetery later this week. I was going to go by myself tomorrow, but we've had a change of plans. He didn't know how much I wanted him there because I'd never told him, and once I did he said he'd come. It's a big thing for him - he's not a cemetery sort of person, and this is, I'm sure, the hardest visit he'll ever have to make. I love him more and more every day for reasons just like this.

Anyway, I know some of you mentioned you'd be thinking of me tomorrow and I wanted you to know that we'll be going later in the week and I'll have my beloved with me so it will be much easier to bear.

But thank you for the flurry of comments and e-mails, and the support you so willingly offered yet again.

I love you guys. Truly, I do.


Abby said...

We love you, too!

Jules2pies4me said...

Thinking of you...May your angels in heaven give you strength today.(((hugs)))

=^..^=A Script Kitty=^..^= said...

Just means I get to think about you all week.. not like I don't already! ;)
I'm really proud of him for going with you. Sometimes, men can't read minds. In fact, they never seem to look under things either.
Love ya,

Denise said...

Thinking of you on this difficult day.

andreanna said...

I beleive in your previous post. I beleive chidren do have this gift. I beleive those smiles were just for you. I am glad you were comforted by them and felt a connection (((HUGS))) My thoughts are with you.

Traci_007 said...

I've never left a comment because I've felt strange leaving a note in someone's diary, of sorts. I do want you to know that you've been in my heart and mind this week and I pray that you'll be given the strength and peace of mind to accomplish your visit. I'm so glad your DH is going with you. He'll be that rock for you to lean on, as he is everyday, I'm sure. You're never far from my thoughts. ((HUGE HUGS))