Friday, August 26, 2005

Well it WAS funny

I was poking through a brochure I picked up yesterday while we were at the cemetery and something kind of funny caught my eye. The brochure is put out by the Bereaved Families of Ontario and under the heading What is the infant loss program? they explain what the organization is all about. Apparently they are "an association of families who have lost a child through death."

Forgive me for finding this kind of funny and forgive me for asking, but exactly what other way do you lose a child? Why couldn't they have just come out and said, "We are an organization of families who had children that died."

I didn't lose Thomas. I know exactly where he is. In fact, he's the easiest child I know to keep track of.

Pardon my morbid humour, but I hate pussy-footing around death. Saying you've lost someone doesn't make never seeing that person again any easier. It's not like you're going to find that person again - at least not in this life.

I know I'm a huge hypocrite because I'm SURE somewhere in this blog I've talking about losing my son. And I'm almost certain I'll do it again, but for some reason I just find that an annoying thing to say today. I started off thinking it was funny and now I'm just irritated.

Welcome to my brain. Don't mind the mess, I haven't cleaned in ages.

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Jill said...

((((((Kristin))))) That hugs is for this whole week you've had:) The inscription, to my mind, is now perfect. Including a nickname makes it obvious he was part of a family and is very much missed. That's a great thing for people to know 500 years from now:)

I am with you on the term 'loss/lost'. Like 'silly me! I lost my baby - oops!' but it IS a gentler term for those days when it is just too hard to tell yourself again that your baby is not lost, but dead.

People say/write the silliest things trying to be sensitive about infant death and such things. The pamphlet WAS amusing:)