Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In the still of the night

It's 4:00am and I can't sleep. I WAS asleep but I woke up fast and completely when I punched Lucy (my sweet little feline) in the head. It was an accident - I was rearranging my pillows and suddenly there she was. I'm sure she took my stirring as a sign that I wanted to cuddle. Next to eating and chasing string around the house, Lucy LIVES to cuddle.

Anyway, I didn't see her but I certainly felt her after the punch. I got up to check on her (and go to the bathroom, since I was up anyway) and now I'm wiiiiiiide awake. I think the screwed up toilet roll is what did me in. It was a new roll and it took a LOT of concentration to find the end and get it to roll properly.

Lucy's just fine, by the way. Purring within minutes of impact and now curled up in the hall. A fuzzy meatloaf.

And here I am. Too awake to sleep.

It's quite interesting what goes through your mind in the middle of the night when you can't sleep because you've just punched your cat in the head. What's particularly interesting about it tonight is almost nothing seems to be going through my mind. I expected a bunch of deep, dark, middle-of-the-night scary thoughts when I first realized I was too awake to sleep, but...nuthin'.

Maybe that's a good thing. I have enough deep, dark thoughts, so I guess I'll just enjoy this 4:00am void.

I wish someone else was up to enjoy it with me though, but my beloved is asleep - as is everyone else I know who hasn't sucker-punched a cat tonight. So I guess it's just me and my empty head. And meatloaf.


Abby said...

Yuck, I hate being awake in the middle of the night like that. Sorry about the Lucy incident, and I'm glad she's doing fine -- good thing cats recover quickly and don't hold grudges! ;)

I hope you got back to sleep or you're able to get in a nice nap today. I'm sure I'll be around today if you're still in the "void" and feel like playing!

Abby said...

Oh, also I want to thank you for getting "In the Still of the Night" stuck in my head. I'm going to be singing that all day long now... So, thanks a lot! ;)