Friday, March 03, 2006

And then there were none

Cadbury's is recalling their Easter Cream eggs because a tiny piece of one of the moulds the chocolates are formed in chipped off, ended up in one of the eggs, and cut the inside of a consumer's mouth.

The chocolate I crave most in the entire world is leaving the shelves. I would normally consider this a tragedy of epic proportion (well, epic in the world of chocolate cravings, I mean) but this year I'm actually grateful to see those chocolatey orbs of gooey goodness returning from whence they came.

I haven't checked the Weight Watchers points tracker to see how many of my precious 28 daily points I'd blow by indulging in an Easter Cream egg (or two...or three) because somehow I've managed to keep temptation at bay and avoid succumbing to their quiet, eggy whispers in the grocery store.

"Buy me", they taunt. "You know you want me. Go on - no one's looking..."

I hate them and I love them. Sometimes I touch them, ever so gently, on my way past the 5-foot display stands in the middle of the grocery store. Such exquisite torment.

However, I'm not ashamed to admit that even though I've been successfully avoiding temptation for weeks, I was starting to weaken.

Just the other day while I was out picking up milk and bread I very seriously considered buying one egg to eat in the car on the way home. If no one sees you eat an Easter Cream egg, it probably doesn't count, after all. But somehow I resisted just the same.

I would like to think that the gods decided to end my torment and found a way to get the chocolate off the shelves. I would like to think that because maybe, just maybe it might signal the end of other torments in my life. Like my inability to get pregnant and my worries that we'll never have another child of our own.

But I know all it means is that a piece of the candy mould broke off and the PR wizards at Cadbury's know the right thing to do to save the reputation of the beloved sweets is to recall them until the memory of the tainted egg fades from our minds.

Damn. No eggs. No baby. No signs from the gods.

I'll just have to move on. I've got my eye on a Reese Peanut Butter Cup anyway...


Bekki said...

LOL! U an right there with ya! Weight watchers and all. And I LOVE the eggs. MMM MMM GOOD!! And so this year, I'll join you in saying, "good riddance!"
Hang in there girl, I'm reading and always praying for you (even if I don't think a muffin will send you to hell). Just a stranger with an interest in your life.

Catherine said...

Oh my heck! NOOOOO! Tell me this isn't true!

Catherine said...

whew...only in Canada. :o)

Bronwyn said...

Don't worry -- it's just the Caramilk eggs that are affected ( You can splurge on Creme Eggs anytime you want... God, now you've got me craving that gooey chocolate goodness that is a Cadbury Creme Egg. How many WW points did you say it was worth again? ;)

kate said...

MMMMnnnnn Cadbury cream eggs....