Friday, March 24, 2006

Even the tiniest sprout

It's amazing how important it is to have living things in your house - and not just two people and a cat, I mean living things that I've planted and nurtured and grown myself.

I'm not replacing Thomas with plants, I swear, but I have noticed that having plants around tends to be pretty therapeutic. I guess the need to nurture doesn't go away just because your child has.

Oh God, that's really sad.

Anyway, on the 15th I planted a bunch of Beefsteak tomato seeds and put them on the kitchen windowsill (where they were cheered on by a ripening avocado and grown-up tomato until we ate them in a salad).

The seed package didn't say how long it should take the seed to germinate, and I was really starting to worry about them because there was absolutely NO action at all going on inside the little tomato dome as of yesterday afternoon.

But this morning I spied the tiniest little roots poking from the seeds into the peat pellets.


I wonder if it's possible the appearance of a new tray of seeds is what gave them the motivation to sprout. This past Wednesday I planted an additional 34 pellets with Zinnias, Cosmos, Morning Glory, Thunbergia and bunching onions, and sat them alongside the tomato seeds (that I presumed were merely rotting away) on a table by the sliding door in the kitchen.

To my delight, I saw roots poking from the Yellow Canary Zinnias and the Cosmos this morning too!

I kid you not, seeing just the tiniest evidence of life that I helped to make possible is incredibly healing. They're just seeds - just flowers and vegetables - but right now they're also a little bit of a lifeline.

I hope they continue to stay strong and healthy. I need this garden so very much.

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