Sunday, March 12, 2006

Climb every mountain - even the annoying ones

My Beloved just coaxed me into taking a short walk. We'd talked about going for a walk after we got home from my Mom and Dad's, but I hadn't planned on how full and non-walkish I'd be feeling after one of my Mom's prime rib dinners with all the trimmings.

I just wanted to lay about wallowing in my gluttony, a satisfied smile on my face.

But My Beloved convinced me that we should walk (and he's right - I've been stalled at two tenths of a pound of weight lost in the last two weeks) so off we went.

We were halfway through our walk when I realized he'd tricked me into taking the route that ends with a long, slow incline. Yes, it was a shorter walk than the ones we've become accustomed to lately, but that hardly counts when you have an annoying hill to climb.

So of course, I grumbled and moaned. Climbing up a hill is the complete opposite of wallowing in your gluttony, just so you know.

As we approached the hilly street, for some reason it suddenly dawned on me that I shouldn't complain about walking up a hill, I should instead be grateful that I have legs that will carry me safely to the top. I paid attention to what it felt like to take my strides - I felt my feet hit the pavement and my joints swinging and bending effortlessly and realized what a marvel it is that I can walk at all - that anyone can.

I tried to memorize the feeling so that when one day I can no longer walk up hills I can look back on this evening and remember a time when I could do it without giving it much more than a passing thought. Well, a passing thought and maybe a grumble or two.

We were at the top of the hill before I knew it, and with startlingly little effort.

And then it dawned on me - maybe I can use this Jedi mind trick to help me deal with other things in my life that I've become accustomed to grumbling and moaning about. Yes, yes, it's just another mind game, but tonight it worked like a charm.

I'll have to tuck this one away for future use, that's for sure. I know it won't work every time or in every situation, but it sure worked tonight.

And I have many hills to climb - we all do. I figure whatever trick gets you to the top is definitely worth trying again.

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