Monday, March 27, 2006


One fat little Zinnia

A tiny tomato sprout and a hearty looking Morning Glory!

There's nothing more beautiful than life.


Shinny said...

Ok, question for you, how do you get your seedlings tranplanted without killing them? When I can get seedlings to grow and the cats don't eat them, as soon as I transplant them to the outside they all just shrivel up on me. So if you have any good suggestions, please let me know. I suppose I should get some of my little plants going so that I don't have to wait until August for them to sprout when I plant the seeds straight into the ground in May. ;)

Congratulations on your plants.

Erin said...

Looking Good!!

Nikki said...

Looks great Kristin, your garden is going to look so beautiful!! Cant wait to see more updates on your plants growth :)

Sonny Shine said...

I grow a veggie garden every year, except this year the vacant lot back of our yard that I use to grow crops has been sold to developers! :( They want to put 80 townhouses on the five acres behind us, 80 of them! Such is the way of progress.

the ockers said...

wow, those photos make me feel inspired to garden. I might just do some very soon now. Thanks Kristin :)