Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Kristin needs...

While wandering aimlessly through blogland last night I found a very interesting time-waster. And I figured, well who am I to turn my back on a perfectly good opportunity to waste time? Time has done some terrible things to me (like racing at breakneck speed towards Thomas' birthday, for example) so I think turnaround is fair play.

So I wasted a good 10 minutes. And it felt gooooood.

Anyway, here's what you do: type (your name) needs (inserting your actual name, of course) into Google and see what comes up.

What you do with the results is up to you. I chose to giggle and post a few of the better ones here. Some of them make no sense, but some are startlingly appropriate, under the circumstances. It's like somehow Google really does know what I need.

Anyway, without further ado:

Kristin needs to move, and check other corners
Kristin needs to be everywhere
Kristin needs monthly prayer and financial support
Kristin needs to add chlorine to the water
Kristin needs to wash her socks
Kristin needs a shirt that says "drama queen"
Kristin needs prayers please
Kristin needs her family now more than ever
Kristin needs to get a life
Kristin needs to be found
Kristin needs a hug
Kristin needs sleep

and, because I just couldn't resist this one...

Kristin needs to tone down her cuteness

Yes, because there's nothing cuter than a woman in mourning...


Sherry said...

Admittedly, I giggled at some of the "need" suggestions - but others made me sad since I know how true they are - even if Google just randomly threw a need in your direction without knowing you and you've been through in the last year alone.

I have tried this game myself and can't get it to work. I either get minutes from sort of association's meeting, or I get totally random stuff that you'd get while searching for anything else on Google. Hmmm ... does this mean I don't need anything, or is the list so long that Google doesn't even waste the time listing the result?

Another great mystery ;-)

Jennifer said...

2 of mine:

Jennifer needs a cold shower
Jennifer needs a smack daddy


Thanks for a laugh, hope mine make you chuckle a bit too.


Abby said...

Abby needs a fenced in yard where she can run for fun.

Abby needs to go into a home where she is permitted on the furniture.

and last but certainly not least...

Abby needs to be spayed.

Nice, eh? ;)

Amanda said...

First of all, Kristin, I have been so touched reading your blog. I had a miscarriage at 11 weeks and I still think about it constantly - this June our baby would have been 3 years old - that's just unbelievable to me. You're in my prayers as you remember Thomas. I also wanted to share the "needs" google came up with for me:
Amanda Needs dessert
Amanda needs to read Barbara Bush's speech
Amanda needs to get help busting skulls (I'm not even kidding...)
AMANDA needs to be rebuilt (Amen!)

kristin_matchstick said...

Dear Kristin,

I am a fellow Kristin playing the exact same game as you were here, passed on through one of my myspace bulletins.

I really liked the list. I could actually use some of those myself.

I'm glad I ran into this blog. Let's just say...it was comforting. Yay, Google! Can't wait to hear more.

pamalama said...

I found mine quite interesting:

"Plastic Pam needs a sperm donor." LMAO

Of course, this was a site about Pamela Anderson, but still....I am 42 years old and have never been blessed with any children. Of course, I guess I haven't really tried hard enough, either. I did have a miscarriage in my 20s. It's something I've wanted for years, but maybe it's just not in the cards for me.

I am so sorry about your loss.

Dreamgirl1084 said...

my name is kristin too, and i have been goin through such a rought time latley, i've felt time was not on my side, but i hope with all my heart you get the baby that was meant for you. keep your chin up, and your faith in tact, anf you will be fine. my thouhgts are with you.

Kris said...

Hello Kristin,

I am so sorry for your losses. Have you looked into this website?


The woman who started it also authored a book entitles "To Full Term" Her name is Darci Klein. She is a woman who didn't accept the doctors' position that her miscarriages were "normal." I hope these resources are helpful to you.

Best of Luck and Well Wishes
Sincerely...another Kristin

kristin said...

Yet again, another Kristin found her way to your site. I am totally in awe of your rocky journey and the way you are able to share so candidly, yet with such wit. A friend of mine has gone through a very very rough time trying to have a child. I'm totally going to send her one of your crocheted animals as a gift of comfort. Thank you for sharing your story and your strength.
Blessings on you~